How to Start Future Self Journaling


We outline the biggest tips to get started & why you should!

What is future self journaling? Future self journaling is a type of journaling where you journal about where you'd like your life to be in the future.

Keep it Real & Flexible

Keep your journal real and flexible: don't put too much pressure on yourself to write a ton into your journal at first.

Tip 1

Just start writing!

If you're unsure where to start, write about your future dreams or goals. From there you can get more creative with your writing!

Tip 2

Do it Daily

Creating that daily habit of journaling will make it even easier to do your future self journaling each day!

Tip 3

Keep Going

In order to experience the full benefits of journaling, you'll need to make it a habit.

Tip 4

Better decision making

Journaling allows you to see the big picture

Benefits of Future Self Journaling include:

Increased self awareness

Journaling can provide insights

Reduced stress

Creating a plan can reduce anxiety!

Benefits of Future Self Journaling include:

Increased gratitude

Focusing on what you're thankful for boosts gratitude!

Let’s Recap What We Learned So Far About Journaling

keep it real

just start

do it daily

keep going to see the benefits

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