What to Know About Herbal Face Food


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What is Herbal Face Food?

Herbal Health Foods is a high-end skincare line made of 100% plants.  It's rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients and contains no fillers or no chemicals.

Before and Afters

The natural skincare line became popular after people saw the amazing before and after photos! Swipe to see more Herbal Face Food results!

Before and Afters

Herbal Face Food helps with hyperpigmentation, skin tone & texture, and fine lines.


Herbal Health Food helps reverse 10 signs of aging including: wrinkles, large pores, dryness, redness, discoloration, loss of skin tone, firmness, smoothness, radiance, and brightness.

Does Herbal Face Food help with wrinkles?

Yes, it helps with wrinkles, as well as, skin's tone, texture, and firmness.

What Herbal Face Food Products are the Best?

We recommend starting with Serum 1 & The Cream.  The soap & eye cream are great add-ons. If you have dark spots, you may also like the Cure.

Who shouldn't use Herbal Face Foods?

While several people with sensitive skin have seen great results, we personally don't recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin.

How do you use Herbal Face Food?

AM & PM: 1. Shake the serum bottle. 2. Apply a half dollar size amount to a clean, dry face. 4. Apply The Cure to dark spots. 5. Apply The Cream or SPF.

Herbal Face Food Discount Code

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What does herbal face food smell like?

It has a strong, herbal smell to it -- Especially The Cream. It's not a bad smell, but it is pretty strong. It smells like essential oils to us.

How long does Herbal Face Food take to work?

Most people see results within two weeks It's best to give any skin product 3 months to see real results though.

Where do I buy Herbal Face Food?

Herbal Face Foods is only available online through their store. Use Code KIMANDKALEE for 20% off

Got Questions?

Check out our full review of Herbal Face Foods on KimandKalee.com for more detailed information on the skincare line.